Graphic: This Is Your Body on God

See how the human body is made for spirituality.

We experience God not only in our minds and spirit, but also in our bodies. As science is uncovering the complexity of our bodies, it is discovering how attuned we are to the people around us and how the experience of God is an inborn capacity.

You might say that our bodies are designed to fulfill the two great commandments, as expressed by Jesus Christ, to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves. These are innate capacities. Experiencing God stimulates the body in ways that lead us to connect with other people and show compassion toward suffering. At the same time, our social lives are directly related to our spirituality. Here are a few parts of the body that are key to loving God and loving people.

faithstreet_mmcolor (1)

Infographic by Melissa Mendes/Narratively.

Rob Moll
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  • Stephen

    That’s really neat. Thank you.

  • JACKjozevz

    LiFE is a MIRACLE ! Therefore: [WE] YE or YO art Nay/NOt NEVER Born in [any] Biblio “SIN!!”
    Note: Reality is thee G_D (of Any-mighty Mo). A Miracle alway’s EVOLVing [US] in Holy Cosmic Motion..