How You Can Help in Iraq

A list of organizations facing funding shortfalls for their urgent work in Iraq.

It can be tough not to despair in the face of the relentlessly awful news pouring out of Iraq — ethnic cleansing, widespread persecution of Muslims, Christians, and Yazidis, a tyrannical government that may not be replaced anytime soon. (And Iraq is, of course, but one place amid a particularly grim summer.)

But despair leads only to inaction. And the truth is (1) we don’t have to sit idly by, and (2) we can do more than update our profile pics and share stories on Facebook.

Many good people are on the front lines of these battles addressing urgent needs — housing and feeding refugees, providing urgent medical care, forging peaceful dialogue between sects, and providing succor of all kinds. We can help them in their work. Several organizations are facing funding shortfalls, and we can fill those gaps.

I asked a friend who has worked in Iraq for several years to name organizations whose people are doing trustworthy work. He offered the following list of organizations in need (Note: Since publication, we’ve updated this list to include World Vision’s emergency response team in Erbil; see below):

plPreemptive Love Coalition

Location: Northern Iraq, Baghdad, Southern Iraq

Their work: Bringing life-saving surgeries to children in Iraq.

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frrme-website-logo4The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East

Location: Baghdad

Their work: Providing medical care and humanitarian aid and forging a peace process among religious groups in conflict.

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spSamaritan’s Purse

Location: Kurdish areas

Their work: Crisis-response; providing medical care, food and water, shelter, and other supplies.

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ICF-logoIraqi Children Foundation

Location: Baghdad and Kurdish areas

Their work: Feeding widows, orphans, and impoverished families.

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Location: Kurdish Areas

Their work: Meeting urgent needs among displaced Christians in Iraq.

Write to SALT here to learn how to give

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World Vision

Location: Erbil

Their work: World vision is preparing a response to help those who’ve been forced to abandon their homes, including providing food, water, shelter, and health care. 

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Patton Dodd
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  • Suzie Best

    Good to see those organizations who do not only help Christians listed. As much as I love my fellow Christians, Jesus loves all humankind and is no respecter of race or religion, as His actions on earth show us. Thank you for the ability to help our fellow men, women and children, despite their creed or nationality. God Bless

    • LukenPride

      Jesus is no respecter of religion? have you read revelation?

  • Sues Pantle Hess

    I would add two additional groups: Horizons, Intl. (Headed in Boulder), and Global Hope Network Intl.

  • Phyllis Wein

    The Voice of the Martyrs, P.O. Box 443,Bartlesville, OK 74005-0443