A True Hero: From Shepherd Boy to King

The first full-featured, full-length video game for PC or Mac based directly on the Bible.


Teaching the Bible and the tenets of Christianity has historically been done through individual reading, sermons, and discussion. Although the styles of each has changed over time, the methods haven’t since the time of Jesus. After all, there really wasn’t a need to change the method because the way people learned didn’t change either. That is until June 29, 2007.

Apple fanatics will recognize June 29th, 2007 as the release date of the first iPhone, and it has changed the way people access information and learn. The internet, smart phones, and social media has blurred the line between information and entertainment, and has created the perfect storm to drastically impact how people read, learn, and interact today.

Learning happens best when we are able to focus on a topic for a significant period of time through reading, storytelling, discussion, interaction or observation. But with the internet and social media at our fingertips, we now prefer to read in short flurries, have less ability to focus, and have more difficulty thinking through complex subjects.


The immersive nature of video games make them one of the best ways to teach. That is why so many businesses are racing to “gamify” their products and processes. If you are skeptical about using video games, you might remember Paul’s attitude, “I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.” It is sharing our message that is important, not preserving the teaching methods we have historically used.

In 2013, Kingdom Games began working to develop gaming stories safe for all age groups. Our recently released game, FIVE: Guardians of David is the first full-featured, full-length video game for PC or Mac based directly on the Bible. It is designed for players from 9-49 years of age. A typical player will play the game multiple times while focusing intensely on the biblical account of David and the geographical, economic, and political aspects of his life!

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