Courageous & Heroic Leadership

Discover the story and struggle of one of history’s most amazing leaders



You can’t fake leadership. That’s just one of the things I have learned over the years, and apart from motivating volunteers to go above and beyond, it’s one of the most difficult qualities to teach. In fact, I think if we go back throughout time and look at how Christianity has historically been taught and conveyed to young men and women, we’d see a healthy reliance upon reading, listening, and discussing. In many respects, these tenants hadn’t changed in two-thousand years. I say, “hadn’t changed,” because in 2007, the shot heard round the world rang out and changed the way we access and digest information. Some might even say that it changed (and continues to change) the way people learn and mature today.

Apple fans will recognize June 29th, 2007 as the release date of the first iPhone, and now, almost a decade later, it has empowered people of all walks of life to access incalculable amounts of information and even learn differently than previous generations. It’s now 2016 and the internet, smart phones, and social media have blurred the line between information and entertainment. The electronic age has created the perfect storm to drastically impact the amount of information people can access and even how people read, learn, and mature. With unparalleled amounts of information at our fingertips, we have to read in shorter flurries, balance simply keeping up with personal time, and work with even less time to think through more and more complicated subject matter. Amidst the challenges of our day, studies are beginning to show that the immersive nature of entertainment and games make them one of the best ways to teach and convey concepts. Which one of us hasn’t used a movie clip on Sunday morning to help make a point?

And, here’s our clip – In the movie Evan Almighty, Morgan Freeman (playing the role of God) provides great insight to the hardship a wife is having with her husband, Evan who insists he’s been called to build a modern day ark. If someone prays for courage, does God miraculously give him courage, or give him opportunities to be courageous? In some respects, that’s our mission here at Kingdom Games. Provide people an abundance of opportunities to be a courageous and heroic leader. Open up a world to explore the truth and invite the young men and women to exercise leadership and direct their team through a myriad of challenges and obstacles. To find true heroism through self-sacrifice, concern for others and pursuing faith.

What if your young leaders were presented with a unique tool that encouraged an immersive experience with biblical leadership?  Maybe even best of all, what if they were excited and could hardly wait to experience and experiment with the next chapter?

We invite you to come check out the story of one of history’s most amazing leaders, David. One thing’s for sure, his struggle and story has never been told like this before. This is an experience that provides everyone the opportunity to be a courageous and heroic leader while touching on the principles of –

  • Perseverance despite adversity and challenges
  • Generosity and tithing through giving and donations
  • Trust your anointing and calling regardless of the circumstances
  • Forgiveness, repentance, and relationship


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