Evolving Biblical Education through Gaming

Exploring spiritual and moral truths through video games




Remember all of your teachers saying, “You need to have perfect penmanship”, “you won’t always have a calculator”, and “you’ll need to look that up in the dictionary“?

  • Schools no longer teaching cursive.
  • Every cell phone now has a calculator, and everybody now has a cell phone.
  • Every word’s definition is one “Hey Siri” away

Technology has evolved and education needs to evolve with it. There are dozens of startups serving SAT tutoring, e-learning solutions, and brain games. But there is only one focused on delivering interactive scriptural experiences to expose our children to the Bible, that’s Kingdom Games.

Picture1Who are we?

  • Active Parents
  • Leaders & Teachers
  • Gamers

We are driven by the idea that exhilarating and great entertainment should not only be fun, but open up a world to explore spiritual and moral truth, inviting the player to find true heroism through self-sacrifice, concern for others and pursuing faith.

Why Kingdom Games does this

At Kingdom Games, we want to lead by example. In a sea of choices, we want to be the go-to for parents.  A trusted brand that follows and creates games that parents trust.

What we believe

  • Telling the GREATEST stories ever told
  • Experiencing life to the fullest ( John 10:10 )

We work hard, play smart, teach and learn in the most engaging media possible, video games.

How we do it

  • We inspire all kids to put their hope in God ( Psalm 130:5 )
  • We delight your child with Bible Adventures so that they learn to delight in the Lord ( Isaiah 61:10 )
  • We make the Bible accessible and fun for the new generation
  • We reach the nations with technology ( Matthew 28:19 )

We are developing titles that tell great stories and encourage players to Find True Heroism. Each of us is an important part of one body working in concert to develop gaming stories safe for all age groups and supporting the guidelines established by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). Starting in 2013 with the ‘FIVE: Guardians of David’ title, Kingdom Games is positioned to achieve its goal of publishing hugely popular games with an ethical, true to life story arc.

Points to Ponder from FIVE: Guardians of David?

  • History: The complete story of King David and his FIVE Mighty Men
  • Economics: Donation and trade systems
  • Geography: The map and tribal delineations of Canaan
  • Assessment: Be tested on all 11-acts of the story 


Join the future today. Enjoy playing through FIVE alongside your children.

Teachers and Youth Group Leaders

Contact us for a free trial version and to discuss partnerships info@KingdomGames.com


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