Video Games Can Serve Our Faith

Video games add a new dimension to exploring faith





97% of our youth play video games.  Fewer people brush their teeth twice a day than play video games. This very second, hundreds of millions of people are competing, socializing, and cooperating through gaming.

Fortunately, recent studies continue to show that video games are highly beneficial for cooperative skills, visual acuity, and learning ability. Yet many parents are still disappointed to hear about today’s youth investing their time playing video games.  But doesn’t that concern and hesitancy have more to do with the content of video games?

Not all video games are created equal. There are games clearly made and marketed for adults. I’m sure you heard of Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, but there are also games made and marketed for families. Perhaps you’ve heard of Minecraft, Lego, Skylanders, or Disney Infinity?

Content guidelines exist for a reason, and it is our duty as parents to understand and evaluate content before it reaches our shopping cart.

At Kingdom Games, we strive to make family friendly titles based in scripture. We will keep our games at a Teen rating that families can enjoy together, referencing specific biblical scripture while they play. 

Our most recent title, FIVE: Guardians of David, is an excellent entertainment and educational resource for families that know and care about the content in the games they play. We are parents; we are church-goers; we are gamers.

We wanted to share our medium with our faith communities, but there wasn’t a game that served our community. In 2013, we set out to change that. With FIVE: Guardians of David, Scripture Champion, and the line of 4Soils apps, we’ve accomplished that goal.

We encourage you all to experience the Bible like never before. Come together as families; play and learn about David and his Mighty Men.


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