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COMMENTARY: The Olympics are coming. Whoopee.

RNS () — I suffer from a severe case of “Olympicitis,” a disease causing an incurable abhorrence of the international … Continued

The persistent stained-glass ceiling

RNS () — More than 40 years have passed since Sally Priesand was ordained as the first female rabbi in … Continued

COMMENTARY: God didn’t choose sides at Gettysburg

During the July 1-3, 1863 Battle of Gettysburg, there were Christians and Jews on both sides of the conflict who … Continued

COMMENTARY: A brief brush with my own mortality

NEW YORK — April 3, 2013 is now permanently deposited in my memory bank as the day when I stared … Continued

Father Abraham and the Jews

Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” will probably nab a few of its 12 nominated Academy Awards when the Oscars are handed out … Continued

Joseph Ratzinger, the last of the traditional popes

Pope Benedict XVI battled severe headwinds during his eight-year reign as pontiff. The first was simply his age and physical … Continued

Ancient wisdom for 21st century problems

RNS) In an attempt to make sense of the 2012 election and the unfolding David Petraeus sex scandal, I consulted … Continued

Vatican II: The beginning of the end of Catholic anti-Semitism

On Oct. 28, 1958, Cardinal Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, a rotund jolly Italian was elected to succeed the recently deceased Pope … Continued

Research for my upcoming biography of Rabbi Stephen Wise, who was a pillar of the Zionist movement and perhaps the … Continued

Of Protestants, politicians and power

As the Republicans leave Tampa and the Democrats prepare to gather in Charlotte, one dynamic is immediately clear in both … Continued

New survey brings good and bad news for Jewish community

A new survey brings both good and bad news for America’s largest Jewish community: New York City, Long Island, N.Y., … Continued

Kicking the can down the road

It’s not pleasant to watch America’s religious leaders imitate our politicians when they expropriate political cliches to explain or delay … Continued

The pointless fight over divestment

Mainline Protestant churches — Methodists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians and others — were once the church of the establishment but are now … Continued

Pride goeth before a sail

Word to the wise: don’t get on a cruise ship in a year ending in the number 12. Especially if … Continued

The Christocrats never really went away

The “Christocrats” are back. Not that they ever really went away. When I wrote “The Baptizing of America: The Religious … Continued

The ultimate badge of honor

Even though men and women from every faith have been members of our armed forces since the Revolutionary War, the … Continued