Aaron Abramson

Aaron Abramson grew up in a Jewish home in Seattle and relocated to Israel as a teenager. He explored religious studies and Judaism in a Yeshiva and at Bar Ilan University. He completed 3 years of service in the IDF which led him on a spiritual journey. Aaron discovered the writings of the New Testament and his life was filled with new purpose. He joined Jews for Jesus in 1999 and currently directs the work in New York City. Aaron has a BA in Biblical and Intercultural Studies and is completing an MPA at NYU. He lives with his wife and three children in Manhattan.

Stories by Aaron Abramson

Messianic Jews, Palestinian Christians, and a Theology of Reconciliation

As followers of Jesus, we are to mirror the unity of the Father, Son, and Spirit.

Stuff Christians Say that Makes Jewish People Cringe

As a Jewish man who believes in Jesus, I have ample opportunity to hear what Christians say.