Adrienne Scrima

Adrienne Scrima is a Communication major at Grove City College and a NYC Semester student at the JMP Journalism Institute at The King's College. She is an intern at OnFaith. You can find more of her writing at

Stories by Adrienne Scrima

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Justin Bieber’s faith is prevalent on his new album, “Purpose,” but do fans notice . . . or care?

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He was a Ruff Ryders rapper. Then he met Jesus and kept rapping. Now he’s giving comedy a shot.

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The bestselling author talks about hope, his former atheism, and his role in “God’s Not Dead 2.”

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Grammy-award winning band for KING & COUNTRY raises awareness of sex trafficking in its upcoming film.

Can Faith Really Grow In a Box?

How the formerly atheist Faithbox founder hopes to shake up complacent Christians.

Immigrants Will Be the Face of the Pope’s New York Visit

Catholics hope Pope Francis’ visit will elicit public compassion for society’s marginalized.