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Roman Catholic Church in Scotland campaigns to stop gay marriage

The Roman Catholic Church has sent a letter to its parishes across Scotland protesting a political race to legalize same-sex … Continued

Archbishop of Canterbury slams Christians who feel ‘disgusted’ about homosexuality

LONDON — Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams criticized some Christians for feeling so “embarrassed and ashamed and disgusted” over homosexuality … Continued

Poll: Queen should remain head of the Church of England

LONDON — Nearly three-quarters of people in England believe Queen Elizabeth II should retain her position as titular head of … Continued

London mayor axes ads that suggests homosexuality can be cured

LONDON — London’s mayor has axed an ad campaign spearheaded by two conservative Christian groups because their ads suggest homosexuality … Continued

British lawmakers approve prayer at town halls

LONDON — The British government has fast-tracked a move to restore the rights of towns and cities to hold prayers … Continued

Vicar sentenced for conducting sham marriages

LONDON — A Church of England vicar has been sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison for conducting hundreds of … Continued

‘Covenant’ to bind Anglican Communion appears dead

LONDON — A proposed “Covenant” aimed at ensuring unity across the worldwide Anglican Communion appears to have failed, leaving the … Continued

Anglican Communion faces an uncertain future

LONDON — With the Anglican Covenant aimed at ensuring its unity now apparently in ashes and the archbishop of Canterbury … Continued

As Rowan Williams retires, speculation turns to successor

LONDON — Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said Friday (March 16) he will step down at the end of 2012, … Continued

Atheists likely to outnumber Christians in England in 20 years

LONDON — Christianity is waning in England and could be outnumbered by nonbelievers within 20 years, according to a new … Continued

Scotland Yard says witchcraft abuse a hidden crime

LONDON — British police say they have investigated more than 80 witchcraft-based child abuse cases in the last decade, and … Continued

After months of wrangling, occupiers evicted from St. Paul’s Cathedral

LONDON — Police on Tuesday (Feb. 28) evicted scores of demonstrators from a makeshift tent city they had erected outside … Continued

Richard Dawkins says he’s not entirely sure God doesn’t exist

LONDON — A controversial Oxford University professor billed by many as the world’s “most famous atheist” now says he is … Continued

Church of England installs alarms to stop copper thefts

LONDON — The Church of England is spearheading a campaign to install high-tech movement sensors on scores of churches in … Continued

British High Court rules against prayer at town meetings

LONDON — A British High Court justice has triggered dismay and anger across England and Wales with a recent decision … Continued

U.K. innkeepers fined for turning away gay couple

LONDON — Britain’s Court of Appeal has ordered a pair of Christian innkeepers to pay 3,600 pounds ($5,800) in damages … Continued

British group can’t tout divine healing in ads, website

LONDON — Britain’s powerful media advertising watchdog has banned a Christian group from claiming on its website and brochures that … Continued