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Negotiating change in the Islamic religious establishment

It has been said by many that Egypt is going through difficult and trying times. Today, however, I would like … Continued

Egypt’s mufti: To Muslims, prophet Muhammad is ‘the mercy to all worlds’

AP A Libyan woman, Salwa Bugaighis, on Sept. 17, 2012, carries a wreath with a photo of U.S. Ambassador Chris … Continued

Egypt deserves a constitution that fulfills the aspirations and needs of the people

By: Dr. Ali Gooma, Grandmufti of Egypt and Co-Chair of C1 Foundation Egyptians celebrate as they carry an army soldier … Continued

Is Sharia law reconcilable with modernity?

By Ali Gomaa Among the claims made against the man behind the mosque near Ground Zero, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, … Continued

Egypt’s Grand Mufti responds to Fort Hood shootings

By Dr. Ali GomaaGrand Mufti of Egypt I was shocked as any sensible human being was when I learned about … Continued

Islam, Modernity and Reform

By Dr. Ali GomaaGrand Mufti of Egypt America and the West have been victims of violent extremists in the name … Continued