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Complex Forces Behind the Veil

By Aloysious Mowe The juxtaposition of the views of President Obama and President Sarkozy on the wearing of the veil … Continued

Taliban’s Coercion Betrays Qur’an

By Aloysious MoweVisiting Fellow, Woodstock Theological Center Sufi Mohammed and the Taliban betray a studied ignorance of Islamic scripture, law, … Continued

Beheading and Religious Profiling

American Muslim leaders have been quick to condemn the beheading of a woman by her Muslim husband in Buffalo, saying … Continued

There Is No “Muslim World”

At his inauguration, President Obama said: “To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest … Continued

America’s Next Ethnic Barrier

Editor’s Note: The author will be one of three Jesuit panelists discussing “Muslims and Christians: Where Do We Stand?” at … Continued