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The Founders Vision Is Alive and Not in Stone

Talking to my friend Andy Postman in front of school today at PS 321-we don’t go there, our kids do–Andy … Continued

Pack the Bags and Fold the Tent of Fear

Fear about the Economy or Anger on the Campaign Trail? The moral bankruptcy of the McCain-Palin is apparent for all … Continued

My Rock

“The Eternal is my light and my help; whom should I fear?” So begins the Psalmist, in Number 27, “making … Continued

Relationships (Even with God) are Hard

Abraham Joshua Heschel told the story of a Holocaust survivor riding a European train after the war and, while engaged … Continued

I’d Rather Be Outsourcing

There’s something so cynical about all these people who leave Saturday Night Live to pursue their careers (i.e. the higher … Continued

Individuals More Interconnected Than Ever

Well I suppose we can say the cup is half-empty or half-full. The new Pew study sheds light on religious … Continued

Obama’s Hope is Secular

In the last chapter of the early 1st century rabbinic work, Mishnah Yoma, Rabbi Akiva is teaching about the public … Continued

Keep It Separate

It seems pretty clear to me that one of American democracy’s enduring gift to the world is our notion of … Continued

That’s Cable TV Talk, not Leadership

I appreciate Mike Huckabee’s candor, that’s for sure. But it’s hard to take him seriously. I guess that’s the way … Continued