Ani Nalbandian

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How Have I Found God?

I was asked by the Chaplain’s Office to give a presentation next week for their series entitled “How Can I … Continued

A Flexible Ideology?

Last week, I was convinced my life had fallen into place. Sitting in class, I listened to one of my … Continued

Grant Me Wisdom

At some point in every day, I try to remember to say the prayer “I Confess in Faith” by the … Continued

Peace on Earth?

In the weeks since Thanksgiving, we all must have heard those familiar Christmas carols on the radio at some point … Continued

Where Do I Belong?

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if I was intended to be born in a different era, a different century, … Continued

John Ashcroft Speaks, I Listen

A couple nights ago, I sat in a sea of fellow Holy Cross Crusaders, listening to former U.S. Attorney General … Continued

And Here’s to You, Dr. Socrates

I thought I had just pulled myself together to make sense of this inconclusive summer, enough so to return to … Continued

Consolatory Medicine

Most people are aware of the abundant difficulties an individual faces in choosing a career in medicine. Beyond the trials … Continued

Rise and Raise
Growing Pains

It’s common knowledge that time passes quickly, and the plush years of youth are salvageable only through sweet memory. Though … Continued

Armenian Martyrs’ Day – 93 Years Come and Gone

It’s Tuesday and I’m still recovering from the weekend. It’s not what you think – it wasn’t a typical college … Continued

Making Time for God

I was racing up the stairs to the second floor of our library this morning to make copies of some … Continued

Day of the Dead: The Armenian Way

Easter has come and passed. Now what? Well, for us Armenian Orthodox Christians, the Monday after any major feast day … Continued

Holy Week: Christmas in Springtime

My heart is full; it is Holy Week, and alas I have felt the heaviness of this sacred time for … Continued

Spring Break Sighs

Spring Break: The pinnacle week of every college student’s academic year. It’s what is most looked forward to next to … Continued

Life Lessons from Emails

Holy Cross is a Catholic institution. Even more specifically, it is a Jesuit institution. While we’re not teeming with “Catholic … Continued

Active Living

Allow me to introduce myself. While I have curly black hair, like to sing, and have a name that looks … Continued