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ShivaConnect helps Jews navigate the mourning period

SIMSBURY, Conn. — After burying her mother, Sharon Rosen found herself dealing with a problem: deli platter deliveries. A deluge … Continued

Connecticut slave to get a long overdue church funeral

WATERBURY, Conn. — The remains of an 18th-century Connecticut slave whose abuse continued long after his death will finally be … Continued

Once widely spoken, now mostly studied, Yiddish sees revival

BLOOMFIELD, Conn. — Friends of Yiddish has no agenda. No textbooks. No Yiddish grammar rules. Its members gather every month … Continued

Deal promises new life for abandoned Catholic shrine

WATERBURY, Conn. — The Garden of Gethsemane is gone. The Via Dolorosa, now overgrown with brush, is impassable. A statue … Continued

Barber wins right to continue haircuts for the homeless

HARTFORD, Conn. — Every Wednesday around 5 p.m., the homeless start lining up in Bushnell Park. They come for the … Continued

Lifetree Cafes offer space for tough topics

WATERBURY, Conn. — On a recent Monday evening, a room inside Christ Community Church was transformed into a coffeehouse with … Continued

An old-school confessional revives saying ‘I’m sorry’

DERBY, Conn. — The Rev. Janusz Kukulka can’t say for sure that his parishioners are sinning more, but they sure … Continued

Descendants want justice for Connecticut witches

HARTFORD, Conn. — At age 82, Bernice Mable Graham Telian doubts she’ll live long enough to see the name of … Continued