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Little-known Swedenborg gets fresh look in new book

WASHINGTON — William Blake, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Martin Luther King Jr. and even Helen Keller all found something to like … Continued

After pope’s trip, Catholic bishops seek end to Cuba embargo

Following Pope Benedict XVI’s recent trip to Cuba, U.S. Catholic bishops are pushing the State Department to lift the 50-year … Continued

Religious belief highest in developing and Catholic countries

Belief in God is slowly declining in most countries around the world, according to a new poll, but the truest … Continued

Poll shows Christianity good for the poor, bad for sex

WASHINGTON — Americans feel the “Christian faith” has a positive impact on help for the poor and raising children with … Continued

Vanderbilt faith groups follow Catholics off campus

A coalition of 11 Christian student groups at Vanderbilt University are insisting their leaders should be chosen based on shared … Continued

Religious leaders press Village Voice on sex ads

WASHINGTON — Religious leaders on Thursday (March 29) delivered more than 230,000 signatures to the office of Village Voice Media, … Continued

Mississippi, Vermont score at opposite ends of religious spectrum

WASHINGTON — If you’re searching for the most religious Americans, head to Mississippi. And if you want the opposite, visit … Continued

Report says church giving on the rebound

WASHINGTON — The recession and a sluggish recovery have made for a lighter collection plate in recent years, but a … Continued

Churches lost $1.2 billion in recession

WASHINGTON — Even as membership remains relatively stable in U.S. churches, the effects of the recession have caused contributions to … Continued

Film traces real-life story of abortion ‘survivor’

RNS () — A new movie confronts a controversial topic by highlighting two words that don’t typically go together: “abortion” … Continued

Saints compete for top ranking in ‘Lent Madness’

As college basketball fans prepare for March Madness, a holier tournament already has Christians rooting and cheering this Lenten season. … Continued

The Donald trumps The Bible on financial advice

WASHINGTON — When it comes to financial advice in these tough economic times, more Americans today would rather take advice … Continued

Minn. Church finds the high price of supporting gays

A small Minnesota church is finding out the high cost of standing up for same-sex equality — as well as … Continued

Nonprofit groups oppose Obama’s change in charitable deductions

WASHINGTON — For the fourth year in a row, President Obama is proposing lower tax deductions for the wealthy on … Continued