Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo

Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo is Professor Emeritus of Puerto Rican and Latino Studies at Brooklyn College and Distinguished Scholar of the City University of New York.

Stories by Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo

Bishops Must Rethink Anti-Abortion Strategy

Northeastern Pennsylvania is the most Catholic part of the United States. According to local experts, 80 percent of the population … Continued

Catholic Socialism

I was driving home when I heard on my car radio a minister say that “from each according to his … Continued

The Disappearing/ Reappearing Catholic Vote

Is there a Catholic vote? To say “Yes,” we need to see a significant number of Catholics vote for one … Continued

Bishops (plural) vs. Bishop (singular)?

On October 5, I listened to Bishop Joseph Martino’s Right to Life Sunday letter for all the churches of the … Continued

Health Care as a Pro-Life Issue

“Health care is a right, not just a responsibility.” This teaching of the Catholic Church also happens to be a … Continued

Reverend Wright’s Black Liberation Theology

“We Latin Americans were very interested in Black Liberation theology,” said the Chilean theologian, Martin Garate, “but now we know … Continued

Wrestling With the Theo-Con

The only thing worse than a politician posing as an intellectual may be an intellectual posing as a politician. The … Continued

Catholicism and Same-Sex Marriage

The Catholic bishops of Connecticut support a State Constitutional Convention to draft provisions for blocking gay marriages. Last week, the … Continued

Rectifying “Religulous”

The quasi-documentary “Religulous” (religion + ridiculous) mixes elements of the passionate Michael Moore with the outrageous faker, Borat. It no … Continued

Catholic and Anti-Capitalist

Listening to talking heads on the TV worry about the financial rescue package, I heard some rhetoric that sacralized the … Continued

Freedom from Pulpit Freedom Sunday

The Alliance Defense Fund, a tax-exempt consortium of Christian/Protestant conservative lawyers orchestrated Pulpit Freedom Sunday for this September 28th when … Continued

Are Catholics Christians?

While walking from St. Luke’s the other day, some out-of-staters pulled up in their car and asked excitedly, “Where is … Continued

Why Do Bishops Oppose Laws Reducing Abortion?

Some Catholics — including bishops — oppose laws to curtail abortions. I still haven’t figured out the logic of telling … Continued

Only Bad Capitalists Go to Heaven

The Catholic Church teaches that only bad capitalists go to heaven. If you are a “good” capitalist who believes in … Continued

A Stalled Pro-Life Movement

The other day, I was stopped for a traffic light behind a car with more bumper stickers than bumper. “Save … Continued

The Perfect Model of a Modern Bishop

We Catholics pray at every Mass for the bishops and it’s time in Catholic America to pay more attention to … Continued

A Catholic Take on Sarah Palin: Evangelical Saint?

Left-leaning feminists often ridicule how we Catholics hold up the Blessed Virgin Mary as a model for women: Evangelicals accuse … Continued

God’s Will and the Weather

Not too long ago, a spokesperson for the Evangelical Focus on the Family made an online appeal asking Christians to … Continued

The Archbishop, the House Speaker and the Abortion Dance

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke about the abortion issue in a television interview, Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington issued … Continued

Swatting Post-Modernism with a Vatican Sledgehammer

It’s overkill to use a sledgehammer to swat a fly, but I learned that is the way the Vatican reacts … Continued