Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo

Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo is Professor Emeritus of Puerto Rican and Latino Studies at Brooklyn College and Distinguished Scholar of the City University of New York.

Stories by Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo

Catholics Have New Reasons to Rethink Abortion Politics

Both John McCain and the Democrats are giving Catholics reasons to reconsider which party can and will do more to … Continued

Of Slippery Slopes and Intellectual Cliffs

Any Catholic who exercises the role of an intellectual faces an uphill battle with the Church. Bishops worry about “slippery … Continued

Obama Won the “Faith” Debate

With Pastor Rick Warren asking questions, Senators Barack Obama and John McCain spoke in California’s Saddleback Church in a televised … Continued

Assumptions and Mary

I was in fifth grade when Mary’s Assumption was declared a dogma. My first thought was that the feast day … Continued

WFB, Jr.: The Primordial Cafeteria Catholic

I suppose I should be thankful that Romesh Ponnuru has invoked once again the cant of Catholic conservative apologists about … Continued

Why I Can’t Be a Catholic Conservative

The Catholic Church is essentially conservative because it preserves tradition. Yet, Protestants complain that Catholicism has changed too much from … Continued

Why I Am Not a Catholic Liberal

Labels are dangerous things, and I try to avoid them. But considering all the objectionable labels, the murkiest is “Catholic … Continued

Pope Benedict, ‘Geologian’

I wish that Pope Benedict XVI had arrived at the dock in Sydney harbor in a native canoe rather than … Continued

The Pope Meets Chardin

Pope Benedict’s words on July 17, before a crowd of more than 140,000 on a dock in Sydney harbor, provided … Continued

Obama and the “Infanticide” Lie

“Obama” and “infanticide” are being matched in the latest venom eruption on hate-monger sites. For the record, Senator Obama did … Continued

Bishops in Denial About Denying Communion?

In case you haven’t noticed, Catholic bishops have stopped denying communion to politicians in this 2008 political campaign. The new … Continued

Abortion Never-Neverland

Catholics are against abortion, so it stands to reason that Catholic Charities, an official service agency of the Church, would … Continued

Is Obama a Secret Catholic?

Barack Obama’s July 1 speech in Zanesville, Ohio, suggested a “secret” connection to Catholicism. I say “secret” because Obama has … Continued

Sally Quinn: Mouse in the Tabernacle

At the funeral Mass last month for her Washington friend, the newscaster Tim Russert, Sally Quinn took Holy Communion. But … Continued

Catholics and Patriotism

Catholics in the U.S. are patriotic, but there was a time when being Catholic put a person under suspicion of … Continued

St. Anthony, Lost and Found

One of the treasures of Catholicism is praying to St. Anthony to find lost things. Persons of other faiths might … Continued

The Politics of Communion

May bishops deny communion to Catholic officeholders who uphold the law that allows abortion? The question becomes very different when … Continued

Joan of Arc and Hillary Clinton

One reason the phony accusation of “lesbian” stuck to Hillary Clinton is pants-suits. As bizarre as it sounds, there is … Continued

When Bishops Fight

Cardinal Roger Mahony invoked Canon Law to ban Auxiliary Bishop Geoffrey Robinson of Australia from speaking on Church property in … Continued

When Popes Go Too Far

Serving “the Lord rather than men” (Ephesians 6:7) has gifted the Church with martyrs dying for the faith and heroes … Continued