Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo

Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo is Professor Emeritus of Puerto Rican and Latino Studies at Brooklyn College and Distinguished Scholar of the City University of New York.

Stories by Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo

St. Joseph, Model for Fathers

Catholics are distinguished from most other Christians by devotion to the saints. This Fathers’ Day, as on others, St. Joseph … Continued

Why Theology is Not Catechism

People cite the Catholic catechism as if its formulations settle all theological reflection. If the faith is to stay relevant … Continued

Obedience and Pfleger: Tough Love from the Church

Obedience. That explains the removal of Father Michael Pflager from his parish. The outspoken Catholic pastor of St. Sabrina’s in … Continued

Should a President be Religious or Spiritual?

In one sense, I think spirituality is more desirable in a president than religion alone, although I hasten to add … Continued

Note to Readers

Ordinarily, I feel my column speaks for itself and responders should have their say. In this case, I take exception … Continued

Obama’s Catholic Problem

Senator Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic Party nominee, has a “Catholic problem.” Although I don’t pretend to be a political … Continued

Hagee and the “Whore of Babylon”

Editor’s Note: Correction: Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, has not declared himself a supporter of any presidential candidate, … Continued

Catholic League Shenanigans

The Catholic League is not the “All Catholic” League. It is not official Catholicism: still less does it speak for … Continued

Priests Working Part-Time, Short-Term

There is no such thing as a part-time Catholic priest: the sacramental character of Holy Orders is permanent. However, a … Continued

The Married Priest Option

The most talked about solution to the lack of Catholic priests is the ordination of married men. Unlike the ordination … Continued

Church — Not God — Excludes Women from Priesthood

God’s revelation cannot be blamed for ordaining only men and excluding women: it is simply a Church practice that can … Continued

The Prophet Jeremiah

The Question: Jeremiah Wright’s sermons continue to be an issue in the presidential campaign. Why? What do you think of … Continued

The 800 Pound Gorilla in the Sanctuary

On balance, the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United States achieved its basic goals of stating remorse for … Continued

Spinning the Pope

Television spins everything: so do newspapers and commentators. This basic fact of American life carried over to the just concluded … Continued

Catholic Creed = Diversity

The Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI in Washington National Stadium presented to the nation the diversity of Catholic America. … Continued

Action on Abuse Too Late but Not Too Little

Pope Benedict XVI’s first message to Catholic America on his historic 2008 visit came early – on the airplane, in … Continued

We Listen to the Pope Except When We Don’t

He is afforded all the pomp and circumstance of a monarch, but his title is the Italian diminutive of “Daddy.” … Continued

About ‘Catholic America’

I have become convinced that the best way to study religion is to view theology through a materialist prism. If … Continued

Leader of the Movement, not the Party

It is tempting to believe that the U.S. political system of two parties is an immutable standard for democracy. It … Continued

What’s Missing from the Unsurprising Pew Study

The recent Pew Forum study on religious switching is old hat. The ARIS report (American Religious Identification Survey) reported on … Continued