Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo

Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo is Professor Emeritus of Puerto Rican and Latino Studies at Brooklyn College and Distinguished Scholar of the City University of New York.

Stories by Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo

Mother Teresa and transubstantiation: living vs. knowing the faith

The September 2010 Pew Survey on religious knowledge ranked Catholics – especially Latino Catholics — at the bottom, putting atheists … Continued

Tea-publicans and the Know-Nothing recycle

The Tea Party paints itself as something new in American politics: it is not. United States’ history has always harbored … Continued

Creative tension: ‘Purpose Driven,’ vs. ‘Retro’ Catholics

I avoid writing about “liberal” and “conservative” Catholics. These terms are too easily politicized as Democrats v. Republicans. Moreover, the … Continued

Lack of theology as the root of evil

After 9/11 President Bush reminded Americans that the attack was the work of a few terrorists and not the Muslim … Continued

Protesting the future or voting Catholic values?

The United States bishops have called for a new social contract in a time of globalization. While it would be … Continued

Is Glenn Beck preaching Mormon ‘restoration’ theology?

“Does God speak through Glenn Beck?” While secularists at MSNBC smirk and some on the “permanent left” deride this question, … Continued

The Pope, the nuns and Auschwitz: the real story

The 1993 order of Pope John Paul II to the Carmelite nuns at Auschwitz has been cited as guide in … Continued

Don’t convert Ground Zero to a monument to intolerance

Much political hay will be made about the building of an Islamic cultural center in Lower Manhattan near the site … Continued

Catholics must fight sin of ignorance

The “culture of willful ignorance” in all its popular manifestations is a current and present danger to social morality. The … Continued

Orthodox Catholics living ‘Retro-Catholicism’

Formerly, when you said “Orthodox Catholics” you meant believers in the Greek or Russian Eastern Rite Churches. Now, however, “orthodox … Continued

Taxes, tyranny and a Catholic Tea Party

Can a Catholic be a member of today’s Tea Party? There are many versions of the Tea Party in the … Continued

“No pedophilia crisis” says Catholic League

According to Dr. William Donohue of the Catholic League, the Catholic Church does not have a “pedophilia crisis.” His opinion … Continued

New Council or New Bishops?

It’s either time for a new council or new bishops. I realized how far we have gone away from the … Continued

Chinese food and religious freedom

In the last week of last month, religion in America became part of the public conversation via two events that … Continued

Mormon marriage lessons

“The Roman Catholic Church and the Latter-day Saints (LDS) are working together as never before,” was the message from Mormon … Continued

Bishops firm on immigration

Like Fordham football’s fabled “Seven Blocks of Granite,” the U.S. bishops are holding the line on immigration. Central to their … Continued

Arizona’s immoral, un-American law

Most Americans (61%) support Arizona’s controversial anti-immigrant law (Arizona SB 1070), even though they think it is likely to discriminate … Continued

Moral mayhem on high seas

Israel’s early morning commando raid on a Freedom Flotilla headed for the Gaza Strip has ignited a torrent of judgments. … Continued

Hellava lot of heaven on ‘Lost’

Warning: If you haven’t seen the final episode of ABC’s Lost, then you might not want to read this commentary. … Continued

Reform for God, not for Country

Q: Illegal immigrants are flouting U.S. laws, but does affluent America (or Arizona for that matter) have a larger moral … Continued