Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo

Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo is Professor Emeritus of Puerto Rican and Latino Studies at Brooklyn College and Distinguished Scholar of the City University of New York.

Stories by Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo

Not all abortions are evil

It may be that Catholics have overemphasized the child’s right to life and failed to properly include the mother’s right to life in our public discourse.

Church’s real enemy: sin

Pope Benedict XVI has named the chief enemy of the Catholic Church today: the Catholic Church today. With his statements … Continued

Catholic America’s Latino roots

I was among those happily surprised to see the nomination of Archbishop José H. Gómez as next Archbishop of Los … Continued

Benedict not to blame

Should Pope Benedict XVI be thrown in jail for whatever role he might have played in covering up the pedophilia … Continued

The Jesuit way today

“Jesuit” has a clone word: “Jesuitical.” The dictionary definition of Jesuitical reads: “practicing casuistry or equivocation; using subtle or oversubtle … Continued

If the Pope sold Toyotas

The “product” of the Catholic Church is saved souls, not Toyota autos. However, if for a moment we looked only … Continued

Losing Latino Christians

The March 2010 report on Latino Catholic identify deserves to be treated as a sociological survey and not just a … Continued

“Bad” popes and bishops

What do Alexander VI, the Renaissance Borgia pope, and today’s Benedict XVI have in common? No, it’s not a sex … Continued

Stupak, Casey, Pelosi: The all-Catholic winning team

The historic vote that made health-care reform into law ends a three-decades’ old anti-abortion strategy. The ground has shifted from … Continued

Glenn Beck’s anti-Catholic rants

Few people are better at making accusations with code words than Glenn Beck, the Fox News celebrity. With his chalkboard … Continued

Fathers Berrigan meet Joe McCarthy

The effort to torpedo the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), the withdrawal from government financed foster care and the … Continued

Bottom-line bishops vs. pastoral bishops

Joe the Bishop lives in Scranton. Actually, there are two very different Bishop Joes with Scranton in their title. One … Continued

Is EWTN still Catholic?

Success often tempts the vain into going a step too far. That is my diagnosis of what is happening at … Continued

Unfaithful campaign against CCHD

As a special effort by the bishops to support works of social justice at the grass-roots level, the Catholic Campaign … Continued

Sacraments for the people

Catholic America owes a debt of gratitude to the recently deceased Dominican Friar, Edward Schillebeeckx, who was a leading voice … Continued

Catholic clerical narcissism

It’s all right for the groundhog to become enamored of his own shadow, but it’s unbecoming in Catholic clergy. Narcissism, … Continued

Mary Daly & Catholic feminism

The recent passing of Boston College theologian Mary Daly merits a few words of tribute to this Catholic feminist and … Continued

Evangelical advance in Haiti?

The greatest tragedy for Haiti’s Catholics may not be the destruction of the cathedral and dozens of churches, schools and … Continued

Selling Vatican jewels

Comedian Sarah Silverman suggested that we “Sell the Vatican. Feed the world.” Speaking on the eve of the October 2009 … Continued

Predictions for 2010

Here are ten predictions with a Catholic America twist for 2010. 1. The changes in the liturgy will upset the … Continued