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Why we love Pope Francis

I was obviously not at Pentecost. I was, however, standing in St. Peter’s Square when a man behind me yelped, … Continued

Are women already running the Catholic Church?

This morning as I stepped out of a café in Rome, I was greeted by a smiling man offering me … Continued

The Catholic Church can’t change

Alessandra Tarantino AP Pope Benedict XVI arrives for his weekly general audience at the Paul VI Hall at the Vatican, … Continued

The new (old) Catholic Church

On the Feast of the Holy Family, I went to Mass in my hometown’s Cathedral in Colorado Springs – a … Continued

Why Americans are becoming more pro-life

Brendan Hoffman GETTY IMAGES Pro-life activists march up Constitution Avenue at the March for Life rally on January 23, 2012 … Continued

With allegations of a ‘nun crackdown,’ the Vatican goes spring cleaning

If everyone could just calm down for a moment regarding the Vatican and nuns, perhaps we could all consider some … Continued

Catholic women and contraception: Why don’t Catholics use Natural Family Planning?

Associated Press The Catholic Church, McGuire argues, should use this moment to more clearly explain its teaching on contraception and … Continued

Michelle Duggar, feminist?

April L. Brown AP Then-Arkansas state Rep. Jim Bob Duggar of Springdale front center, and his wife Michelle, right, lead … Continued

The biology of marriage

One simple Google search produces a cacophonic illustration of how garbled society’s understanding of marriage has truly become.