Asma Uddin

Asma Uddin is Legal Counsel at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a non-profit, non-partisan law firm based in Washington, D.C. She is also Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, a webmagazine covering issues related to gender and Islam.

Stories by Asma Uddin

Is Huma Abedin Muslim faith her fatal flaw with Anthony Weiner? That’s not the Islam I know.

It’s troubling that Maureen Dowd uses Huma Abedin’s Saudi Arabian upbringing to make sense of an otherwise inexplicable case of marital fidelity.

Ramadan Cheat Sheet

Some tips on how to not just survive, but maximize Ramadan.

Ramadan Etiquette Guide: How to be a Non-Muslim During the Holy Month

A couple of simple rules that will make the Ramadan fast a little easier on your Muslim colleague.

What’s behind negative characterization of Muslims?

The false characterization of Islam as monolithic is being amplified by the increasingly common denial that Islam is a religion at all.

The other Islam controversy in NYC

Muslim students in New York City are already permitted to stay home on their religious holidays without penalty, but the current campaign is to give all students a day off for Muslim religious holidays.

Pakistan’s Facebook ban protects the violent

While blasphemous speech is offensive, the better way to counter it is through dialogue and peaceful discourse — the pen and not the sword.

Social stability requires religious freedom

Religious actors and religious freedom are central to peace-building and national security.

ACLU, KKK and the culture of fear

In the next few weeks, the Oregon legislature will be voting on whether to repeal a 1923 law that makes it illegal for anyone wearing distinctively religious clothing to serve as a public school teacher.

Safi’s “Memories of Muhammad”

For Muslims, the book is a refreshing call to return to our spiritual roots. For non-Muslims, Safi’s explanation of Muhammad helps explain the connection Muslims have to their Prophet.

Countering hate speech with social responsibility

Legitimizing a ban on Geert Wilders’ speech puts us on a slippery slope to legitimizing further, far worse limitations.

Swiss choose fear over freedom

Switzerland’s ban on minarets eloquently testifies to a society ill-equipped to deal with Islam, by virtue of being ill-equipped to deal with faith.

Religious Pluralism in Today’s Muslim World

For some, the core of religious pluralism discourse lies in the definition of the “People of the Book,” a term used in the Qur’an.