Brian D. McLaren

Brian McLaren is an author, speaker, activist, blogger, and networker. He began his career as a college English teacher and then spent more than 20 years as a pastor. He has written more than a dozen books, including "Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?" and "We Make the Road by Walking." He is an initiator with the Convergence Network.

Stories by Brian D. McLaren

The One Sacred Gift All Religions Share

From birth until death, our rituals may differ, but our commonality is as clear as clean water.

Q: What Did Hobby Lobby Win? A: Many More Abortions

The numbers don’t lie: Opposing the Affordable Care Act will lead to an increase in the number of abortions.

We Believe in Changing the World as We Know it  

Why a statement of faith composed ten years ago in Ghana is the most important Christian document of the early twenty-first century.

A prison of cruelty: End injustice in criminal justice system

(Matt York/AP) When some friends began talking to me about the need for prison reform a few years ago, I … Continued

Exceptionalism can degenerate into superiority

Washington Post political reporter Karen Tumulty wrote Monday about the growing use of the idea of “American exceptionalism” by political … Continued

Let there be peace in our individual identities

Q: Are all religions the same? The Dalai Lama, who just celebrated his 75th birthday, often refers to the ‘oneness’ … Continued

New kinds of Christianity

I believe in Jesus, and I believe in the resurrection. And the longer I believe, the more wonderful and meaningful … Continued

Lenten season calls us together

The season of Lent began with Ash Wednesday, and many Christians were encouraged to ponder the reality of death, the … Continued

The Church and the Sex Question

Whenever I read about the latest public controversy about gays in church, military, or courthouse, I realize that very personal … Continued

Christian majority’s special responsibility

As a fellow Christian, I resonate with Brit Hume’s desire to give a verbal witness to his faith. I love … Continued

People of faith continue to serve

Q: What was the most important religion story of 2009? It was hardly reported. It didn’t seem like news. But … Continued

Wisdom and Compassion

Q:What makes the best ‘case for God’ to a skeptic or non-believer, an open-minded seeker, and to a person of … Continued

Can’t Ignore the Fourth ‘R’ — Religion

The Texas Board of Education, the nation’s second largest purchaser of public school textbooks, is revising its K-12 social studies … Continued

Ranting on the Right and Left

I think President Obama was right to soften the tone of his statement the other day on the Gates arrest … Continued

A “Christian” Nation Wouldn’t Act This Way

What’s your reaction to President Obama’s recent statements to the Muslim world that “the United States is not, and never … Continued

God Calls Us to Mutual Care, Respect

I’m sickened when I hear that a person’s religion makes him unwilling to let other human beings live in dignity … Continued

Warren A Good Choice; Here’s a Better One

I have thoroughly mixed feelings about the President-elect’s choice of Rick Warren to deliver the Inaugural Invocation. On the one … Continued

Compassion a Value All Faiths Share

Religion scholar Karen Armstrong is asking the world to write a Charter for Compassion, based on her premise that compassion … Continued

The Maturing of America

Over my lifetime, I’ve had the recurring feeling that America was an adolescent nation beginning to come of age. Like … Continued

We Need a Voice, Vision for Healing

The sad truth is that religion can provide reasons for just about anything. Indefensible things – from anti-semitism to environmental … Continued