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Repeal would hinder military effectiveness

Q: Top U.S. defense officials say they will repeal the decades-old “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which requires gay soldiers … Continued

Not all morality is political

Q: The conservative Christian group Focus on the Family is sponsoring a pro-life ad, featuring football star Tim Tebow, during … Continued

The ingredients of just war

Q: Is there such a thing as a ‘just war’? In his Nobel speech, was President Obama right to speak … Continued

Government should keep out of end-of-life questions

End-of-life care should be managed and decided between the patient, the patient’s family, and medical professionals. Government should be kept … Continued

‘Being’ good and ‘doing’ good

Q: Is there good without God? Can people be good without God? How can people be good, in the moral … Continued

Episcopal Unorthodoxy

Of course there’s a substantial overlap between Roman Catholicism and Anglicanism — and all Christian denominations for that matter. We … Continued

Nothing Has Changed

Q: Eight years after the U.S. attacked Afghanistan, fighting continues. Religious extremists in the Taliban and al-Qaeda retain significant power … Continued

A ‘Grave Threat’

Q: Reacting in part to recent missile tests by Iran and North Korea, President Obama and a unanimous UN Security … Continued

The Bible Is Needed for a Complete Education

The Texas Board of Education, the nation’s second largest purchaser of public school textbooks, is revising its K-12 social studies … Continued

Shame on Scotland

Scotland freed the terminally ill Lockerbie bomber last week so he could die at home in Libya. “Our beliefs dictate … Continued

Ordaining Gays Means Losing Legitimacy

I find myself sharing the conviction of a vast majority of Americans. The Bible is the word of God. I … Continued

Unfair to Paint All Religions with Same Brush

Former president Jimmy Carter and other world leaders issued this statement: “The justification of discrimination against women and girls on … Continued

‘Judge Wisely’

A person’s religion, gender, or ethnicity should have no impact on his or her judicial rulings. It is not that … Continued

Are Christian Holidays Observed?

The New York City Council last week voted to add two Muslim holidays to the city’s public school calendar, citing … Continued

Grace in the Gospel

Why do so many American politicians — from Bill Clinton to Mark Sanford — use religious language when they make … Continued

Respect Expressions of Faith

President Obama recently criticized a French law that prohibits Muslim girls and women from wearing body- and face-covering garments in … Continued

Repentance Is Healthy

Your reaction to the U.S. Senate unanimous resolution apologizing for slavery, the latest attempt by the federal government to take … Continued

‘Freedom Is the Natural Condition’

Given the election-related turmoil in the Islamic Republic of Iran, can democracy ever take hold in a theocracy? How should … Continued

Traditional Marriage Is Society’s Best Bet

New Hampshire became the sixth state to let gay couples wed. The new law was approved after revisions exempted members … Continued

President Obama Deserved Respect, Not Applause

What did you think of President Obama’s commencement speech Sunday at Notre Dame? How will the Notre Dame controversy change … Continued