Christine A. Scheller

Christine A. Scheller is a widely published journalist and essayist. She lives with her husband at the Jersey Shore and in Washington, D.C., where she helps facilitate dialogue between scientific and religious communities.

Stories by Christine A. Scheller

Sometimes Black Sons Have White Mothers

Five things I wish people understood about white parents of black children.

Emerging from the Fog of Suicide — and Nationwide Attention

An interview with Jane Clementi, whose son’s story gained widespread prominence in 2010.

“Art and Craft”: When Bad Behavior Is Not a Choice

A fascinating new film examines the complicated relationship between free will and biochemistry.

Ray Donovan Is the Best Religious TV Show You’re Not Watching

Showtime’s well-acted, head-spinning crime drama wants to get us thinking about religion.

Our Suicide Conversation Has to Change

After a long overnight walk to raise money for suicide prevention and awareness, a brief encounter reveals how far we have to go.