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Why Christian Groups Lead the Biggest Relief Efforts in the World

Organizations like World Vision give the lie to negative stereotypes about Christian work in the world.

At the Vatican, peace in Syria gets a chance

Pope Francis reached out to gays, saying he won’t judge priests for their sexual orientation in a news conference Monday. … Continued

With a ‘pragmatist’ pope, LGBT hope?

A recent front-page New York Times article called Pope Francis a “pragmatist” on LGBT issues, detailing his support of civil … Continued

The silence at the heart of Pope Francis’s Jesuit identity

For thirty seconds, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims were silent in St. Peter’s Square at the request of the newly … Continued

Benedict the meek: How a quiet man’s pontificate shaped Millennials

Franco Origlia GETTY IMAGES Pope Benedict XVI waves to the faithful as he arrives in St Peter’s Square for his … Continued