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Debating Tony Blair on faith

Last week, atheist author Christopher Hitchens debated the merits of religion with former British prime minister Tony Blair, who converted … Continued

Investigate the pope

By Christopher Hitchensauthor, commentator This has now ceased to be a matter of opinion or speculation and become a question … Continued

The great Catholic cover-up

By Christopher HitchensSlate contributor (Republished with the permission of Slate and the author.) On March 10, the chief exorcist of … Continued

What I’d Ask the Pope

If Ratzinger is not asked at every stop he makes, and in level yet firm tones, why he and the … Continued

The Subtle, Lethal Poison of Religion

On Sunday the New York Times reported on the recrudescence of “faith-based” teaching in Russian public schools: A teacher named … Continued

Astrology Not the Only Cosmic Hoax

In return for the hospitality of this week, may I be churlish and mention something that has been irritating … Continued