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Signing Over Under God

Well this is my farewell note to readers of this blog. From now on, On Faith’s illustrious editor and longtime … Continued

Home Schooling a Constitutional Right?

Home schooling at its heart is about disengaging from the map laid out by popular culture and questioning the authority … Continued

George Carlin, Adherent of Frisbeetarianism

While it is sad that someone as hilarious as George Carlin is dead, it is a little fun to think … Continued

“I Believe” You Can’t Do That.

I was surprised last week when I saw the wire story about South Carolina’s new license plates, which will be … Continued

Is Google the New Gutenberg?

The dark side of the web is obvious to me–the hours, days, weeks of fruitless forgotten time that we (I) … Continued

Prayer, a Dead Child and the Law

There’s been a case brewing in rural Wisconsin that may bring up age-old questions of the line between a family’s … Continued

Polygamist Destinies

Well, most of the polygamist Mormons in West Texas were reunited last week with their families. But it’s hard to … Continued

Signs & Wonders: Sharon Stone’s Bad Karma

In today’s Signs & Wonders, I offer you an image of Sharon Stone. To look upon Stone is to marvel, … Continued

God, Death and Obituaries

To me, one of the most desirable jobs in newspapers has always been in the obituary department. Blame it on … Continued

Campaigns and God’s Plan(s)

Funny how each of the leading presidential candidates for both the Republican and Democratic parties have had their affiliation with … Continued

The Struggles of a Minister of Death

I had breakfast a few weeks ago with acclaimed documentary filmmaker Steve James whose work includes “Hoop Dreams” and one … Continued

Blog Readers, Why Be Haters?

I’ve been writing this blog for four months now and the main lesson I’ve learned is that commenters here on … Continued

Marital Rights Vs. Religious Freedom

When Irfan Aleem found out in 2003 that Farah, his wife of two decades, was filing for divorce in Maryland … Continued

Germany and Scientology

Whatever you think about Scientology, you have to wonder about the Church’s treatment by the German state. In December, Germany’s … Continued

Christian Standards and a Prof’s Divorce

The story of the Wheaton professor who is quitting his job this month after two decades because his divorce doesn’t … Continued

LSD and Religious Experience

On Tuesday the 102-year old Swiss chemist who discovered LSD died of a heart attack. Albert Hofmann was looking for … Continued

Guest Blog Post: Religion’s ‘Return’ and Globalization

This morning I was lucky enough to spend some time with Mark C. Taylor, Chair of the Department of Religion … Continued

Guest Blog Post: Oprah’s New Earth Vocabulary

This week’s episode of Oprah’s A New Earth focused on one’s awakening to life’s purpose. Inappropriately, I couldn’t help thinking … Continued

A Week of Silence

This will be my last post for a week as I’m going off to Northern California to a six day … Continued

Signs and Wonders: Adoration and Distance

One way of observing powerful objects is to look at the little ones that are affected. This week in Signs … Continued