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A place for all God’s people

Heaven (or Jannah) is a place replete with delights but wholly devoid of any violence or suffering. It’s a place … Continued

Muslims condemn violent acts at Fort Hood and offer condolences

The greatest tragedy in yesterday’s shooting at the Fort Hood military base was the death of 13 American soldiers, not … Continued

Time for a Women’s Jihad Against Violence

Former president Jimmy Carter and other world leaders issued this statement: “The justification of discrimination against women and girls on … Continued

The Taliban, Sharia and Women’s Leadership

How would you respond to radical Muslim clerics in northwest Pakistan — now under Islamic law — who are calling … Continued

Turning the Tragedy of Aasiya Zubair Hassan into Action

While I would unequivocally assert that domestic violence and religion share no connection, that religion encourages harmonious relationships in the … Continued

Why the World Was Rooting for Obama

Last summer, I was in Malaysia for a conference on improving relations between the Muslim World and the West. As … Continued

Faith-Based Feminism: The Most Powerful Model

If God had desired to exclude women from equal relationship with the Divine and essential participation in fashioning human societies, … Continued

Happy Eid, America

An Open Letter to All Americans: Last week, I received a call from Empire State Building officials. They wanted to … Continued

Palin Must Shift from Parochial Religion to Universal Politics

In many respects, Sarah Palin represents the best of our great country. As mother of five and executive leader, star … Continued

Sally Quinn’s Communion: Good Intentions, Poor Judgment

Sally Quinn’s decision to take Communion at Tim Russert’s funeral represented both the best of pluralism and interfaith outreach and … Continued

No Love for The Love Guru

In American society, freedom of speech guarantees our singular ingenuity and inventiveness at all levels of creative expression: technology, intellectual … Continued

Exclusivity: Out of Character for Obama Campaign

Wednesday in Detroit, volunteers for Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign refused to permit two young Muslim women wearing a head … Continued

Christians and Church; Muslims and Mosque

The debates surrounding Barack Obama “leaving” his home church, Trinity United Church of Christ, is admittedly puzzling to many Muslims. … Continued

Misconceptions About Obama and Islam

Numerous pundits have attempted to scare Americans away from Barack Obama’s candidacy by refusing to recognize his belief in Christianity, … Continued

President Needs Honesty and Far More

Presidential leadership extends far beyond honesty alone. All societies, in fact, expect their leaders to embody certain virtues like honesty, … Continued

Race Still Divides This Nation

The Question: Jeremiah Wright’s sermons continue to be an issue in the presidential campaign. Why? What do you think of … Continued

U.S. Shows How in Public and Private

The Question: In his speech to U.S. bishops last week, Pope Benedict XVI said: “Any tendency to treat religion as … Continued

With or Without Pope Benedict, Muslim-Catholic Dialogue Continues

The Question: Pope Benedict’s recent baptism of a well-known Italian Muslim has prompted criticism in much of the Islamic world. … Continued

McCain Must Reject Parsley’s Extremism

By now, most Americans are aware of Rod Parsley and his brand of hate-preaching, but for whatever reason, Senator John … Continued

Pope Benedict’s Poor Choice

Pope Benedict’s choice to publicly baptize the Egyptian-born Muslim Magdi Allam at the Vatican was a regrettable one for Muslim-Catholic … Continued