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When a “Christian America” Meant Something Else

John FeaPatheos.com American evangelicals, who have long understood the United States as a thoroughly Christian nation, once interpreted the consequences … Continued

The Court, the Preacher, and the Military

By Marci A. Hamilton The Supreme Court decided this week that the Westboro Baptist Church, led by the Rev. Fred … Continued

Sex and the Anti-Economics of Love

By Tim Muldoon A quick glance around the colliding worlds of the blogosphere and academia reveals an interesting datum: many, … Continued

Can Democracy Save Egypt…Or Us?

By Roger Gottlieb Probably not. After all, it hasn’t saved the U.S. from having an often aggressive foreign policy and … Continued

The Oscars 2011: Seeking a Social Network

By Greg Garrett It’s Oscar season again, and people are talking about their favorite films, and what those films tell … Continued

Why the revolution in Egypt could be dangerous for our youth

By Brian Kirk I’ll admit it. I’m as guilty as the next youth pastor. It is so easy to get … Continued

Egypt Can Learn from Survivors

By Marci A. HamiltonAuthor, Professor and Patheos Columnist How do the powerless overcome the powerful? Sometimes it is a very … Continued

Cairo, Philadelphia and Self-Evident Truths

By Frederick Schmidt Columnist at Patheos.com Some years ago now I traveled to Cairo–somewhat unwillingly, I will admit. We had … Continued

“I No Longer Call You Slaves”: The Healy Brothers

By Pat McNamaraAuthor and Patheos Expert By any standard, the Healys were an impressive family. Michael, the father, was an … Continued

Why do we have children?

By Timothy DalrympleColumnist at Patheos.com I hate the memory of it. I hate it. I hate how stiff my daughter’s … Continued

Tangled web tightens for the Vatican

By Marci A. Hamiltonauthor, professor and Patheos columnist Headlines around the world this week have reported that Irish broadcaster RTE … Continued

Gabby’s neckrub: Love never fails

By Elizabeth ScaliaPatheos.com From her bed in the ICU, where she is making breathtaking progress in recovering from a point-blank … Continued

One Year Later: A Prayer for Haiti

By Kent AnnanAuthor and Co-Director of Haiti Partners Loving God, We come to you, first, in silence. We mourn those … Continued

Politics, Religion and Culture: Top Picks 2010

By Greg Garrett Baylor University Professor and Patheos Columnist The media-world is the shelter where the vast majority of those … Continued

Are happy churchgoers good news?

By Adam S. McHughPresbyterian Minster and Patheos Expert A new sociological study reveals that churchgoers are happy, but I can’t … Continued

Do schools get Thanksgiving wrong?

By John FeaMessiah College and Patheos columnist Last week I was in Georgia leading a workshop on colonial American history … Continued

Out of Iraq: A Homily

By Deacon Greg KandraBlogger, “A Deacon’s Bench”; Contributor, Patheos.com On October 31, late on a Sunday afternoon, a young woman … Continued

Time to End Government Handouts Based on Religion

By Marci A. HamiltonProfessor of Law, Yeshiva University, and Patheos Expert The Clinton Administration initiated “charitable choice,” which was the … Continued

Justice for Veterans and the Vulnerable

By Bruce EpperlyLancaster Theological Seminary, and Contributor to Patheos.com There is a long-standing discussion about the role of the secular … Continued

A people adrift?

By Tim MuldoonBoston College, and Patheos Expert Peter Steinfels’ very perceptive article in Commonweal focuses on the most recent Pew … Continued