David D. Ireland

David D. Ireland is the senior pastor of Christ Church, a multisite church in northern New Jersey with a membership of approximately 8,000. He is a diversity consultant to the NBA and author of some 20 books including "The Weapon of Prayer." For more information please visit http://ChristChurchUSA.org, @DrDavidIreland and http://davidireland.org

Stories by David D. Ireland

Why Prayer Is the Most Human Thing We Can Do

We are wired to understand that prayer brings comfort, hope, and a persevering heart.

Christianity Is a Battleship, Not a Cruise Ship

Too many complacent Christians need to turn to prayer to win the spiritual warfare battle.

How to Pray More Strategically

This three-step strategy for prayer should maximize our results while minimizing our frustrations.

4 Biblical Truths That Respond to Hatred

We desperately need public compassion in the wake of senseless tragedy.

5 Reasons Christians Should Be Generous

Why is generosity such a hard lesson for us to learn?

5 Reasons Churches Need Diversity

We cannot forget that in a divided society, the church must model unity.