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Am I Baha’i?

Please identify which of the following themes you find religiously compelling and/or generally good practice: 1. The abandonment of all … Continued

Israeli Standard Time

I’m back in the Middle East and raring for action. The amazing thing about Israel is that it pumps you … Continued

Breaking Down the Abwaab

When I met Doug, he was talking about being interviewed on Lebanese TV. Yeah, his Arabic is that good. So … Continued

Looking at Norris

There is so much to say, I imagine. Today is about remembrance, recognition, and community. It is about pain and … Continued

Courage to Tell the Truth

Even on Spring Break in a commonwealth that is not my own, I couldn’t keep away: a whole crew of … Continued

From Virginia Tech, with Love, Sorrow, Despair

I got the news on my phone, an e-mail with a link from a friend. Reading the URL, I scanned … Continued

Keeping Score

The e-mail messages that came pouring into my inbox yesterday afternoon turned out to be true: William Jefferson Clinton did … Continued

America the Romantic

Standing in line at the Mugamma, Egypt’s towering, Soviet-era, unholy office behemoth of bureaucratic nightmares, while my girlfriend was attempting … Continued

Note to Self: Just Shut Up

For a while here, I’ve been on radio silence. It’s been frustrating, to say the least. It wasn’t writer’s block: … Continued

Welcome Home?

Goodbye dirty streets, fresh strawberry juice, and home-delivered McDonald’s. No more 5 a.m. muzzeins, television programs I can’t understand and … Continued

How Hard Did #21 Hit You?

I will always be ready to stick up for Sean Taylor. When he was in trouble for waving a gun … Continued

Cairo’s Ordinary Desperation

Amazing that I’ve survived three months here in Cairo without stumbling into a protest. But I was engulfed in one … Continued

Virginia Tech’s Ordinary Inspiration

So I caught wind today that Beliefnet.com has put forward a list of 10 people for recognition as the Most … Continued

Meeting the Faithful

Eight floors, one enormous tent, millions of campaign leaflets and 3,500 or so journalists and their supporters (sometimes even their … Continued

A Theory of Everything, Dude

In Stephen Hawking’s 1998 opinion, “there’s a 50-50 chance that someone will discover the Holy Grail of physics within the … Continued

My Pro-Islamic Crusade

From the same ideological tar pit that spawned Islamofascist Awareness Week: It’s not yet clear that we have begun to … Continued

Getting Hairy

If you can get over the thought of Christopher Hitchens receiving a “back, sack, and crack” wax then this is … Continued

Proximity and Principle, Life and Death

When all is said and done, what happened to the Petit family of Cheshire, Connecticut may look like a contemporary … Continued

Judeo-Christo-Fascism Awareness Week?

Check out Rabbi Arthur Waskow’s “Shalom Center,” where this absolutely ridiculous “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week,” is turned on its head. When … Continued

Islam, Science and Me

So in peeling through the research archives of the Arab-West Report today I came across quite an interesting passage in … Continued