Edgar M. Bronfman

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‘To be Jewish is to ask questions’

To be Jewish is to ask questions. Our Talmud, by insisting we question, allows us to doubt. As Jews celebrate … Continued

A day devoted to gratitude

REUTERS The skyline of Manhattan is seen at twilight in New York, March 19, 2011. Under the green aerial are … Continued

Jewish activist: ‘Hate speech must not be accepted as civil discourse’

Astrid Riecken FOR THE WASHINGTON POST Controversial posters on the Israel Palestinian conflict are placed at U Street Metro stop … Continued

Why civil discourse is imperative for inter-Jewish dialogue

Courtesy of the Samuel Bronfman Foundation Edgar Bronfman with Bronfman Youth Fellowships students. The increasingly partisan tone of the upcoming … Continued

High Holy Days: A time of ethical dialogue with the world at large

AFP/GETTY IMAGES Ultra-Orthodox Jews perform the “Tashlich” prayer near a water source in the Arab east Jerusalem neighborhood of Jerusalem … Continued

Create a holy Hanukkah

My first Hanukkah memory has nothing to do with the story of the Macabees overthrowing the Greeks to protect the … Continued

Bringing ourselves to the water on Yom Kippur

Bringing ourselves to the water on Yom Kippur As we come upon Yom Kippur, we are required to be self-reflective. … Continued

Why Hanukkah Still Matters

American Jews are well acquainted with the “December dilemma”: how should Jews celebrate Hanukkah when most of the country is … Continued

A Path to Jewish Renaissance

Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, is also known as the day you can’t get a seat … Continued