Elizabeth Evans

Elizabeth E. Evans is a freelance writer, columnist, and Episcopal priest who lives and writes in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania.

Stories by Elizabeth Evans

10 Things We’ll Miss If We Lose the Traditional Jesus

We have taken faith and bound it to an intolerant demigod: reason.

Do White Christians Care Enough About Racial Justice to Make it an American Reality?

Successful movements for women’s ordination and gay ministers have swept through Protestant churches, but the movement toward racial reconciliation is mixed, at best.

What Are Legendary Paintings Worth to a Catholic Seminary?

A Catholic seminary in Philadelphia has proposed a Christie’s sale of five historic portraits by Thomas Eakins.

Brideshead Remonstrated

As I watched the superbly gowned and suited Marchmains indulge in the peculiar brand of emotional violence so typical of … Continued

Abortion, Gun Control and Other False Choices

The long season of Pennsylvania’s primary discontent is now coming to a blessed close. Marred by candidate stumbles, the six-week … Continued

Maternal Instincts, Paternal Church

Women clergy were supposed to rewrite the old, patriarchal rules. Instead, many ordained women have bought into the old conventions … Continued