Ellen Painter Dollar

Ellen Painter Dollar blogs for Patheos on faith, disability, parenthood, and ethics. She is author of "No Easy Choice: A Story of Disability, Parenthood, and Faith in an Age of Advanced Reproduction." Learn more at http://www.ellenpainterdollar.com.

Stories by Ellen Painter Dollar

Let’s Stop Bashing These 5 Christmas Traditions

Material things can become tangible reminders of the intangible realities of love and grace.

Thanks, Gospel Coalition, for the Prayer Pushback

After a writer for the popular conservative Christian website called out my critique of evangelical prayer, I had some re-thinking to do.

When I Wanted More Online Traffic, I Went Evangelical

It’s easy to manipulate divisions within Christianity to benefit a career. It’s harder — and far better — to foster thoughtful conversations.

Why I Stopped Feeling Guilty for Wanting a Beautiful Home

I used to think it was unChristian of me to want the attractive, comfortable home of my daydreams. Now I’m grateful for my renovated kitchen.