Erin Becker

Stories by Erin Becker

One Year Later

March 5th marks the one-year anniversary of former UNC student body president Eve Carson’s murder. A year ago we were … Continued

On Judging Christians

“I just couldn’t identify with any group that tells everyone else they’re going to hell.” With that, our late-night dorm … Continued

My New Take on Matthew 25

Before classes really get going, I decided it would be a good idea to squeeze in something I’ve been meaning … Continued

Another Christmas Tradition

Every year at Christmas Eve service, the “old people” in my family tear up during “Silent Night,” and every year … Continued

A Flood of Emotion

In my Shakespeare class this semester, we have repeatedly heard the lament of characters who wish the whole world would … Continued

Treading the Fine Line

Today I was supposed to snatch my little piece of glory. At least, that was the plan. I’m the third, … Continued

Church of the Trail

My roommate told me earlier this week that when poet Billy Collins came to UNC a while back, he said … Continued

Exception to the Rules

I was in Washington D.C. with my family for a wedding this weekend. When we’re on vacation we usually take … Continued

Goal Setting with God

I remember learning about goal setting in middle school. My sixth-grade teacher had us write down long-term goals and short … Continued

It’s For Class, Okay?

I am embarrassed by my Bible. On the first day of my Elements of Early Politics class, we discussed Genesis. … Continued

Wait, What Day is It?

I could blame it on classes starting on a Tuesday, on the deep disruption in my Circadian rhythm resulting from … Continued

I Think, Therefore I Am… Confused

On the plane ride to Russia, I read a few chapters of Crime and Punishment, wrote in my journal about … Continued

How Do You Say Serenity in Russian?

The past two weeks, life has been wonderful at reminding me I control very little. I like to think I … Continued

God Fits In Your Carry-On

Kak della? How are things? A little stressful here. It’s two days until I leave for a two-month trip to … Continued

Lord, It’s Hard to be Humble

I am not nearly as far down the road as I thought. To kick off my summer reading after a … Continued

Home Sweet Church

I had never been so excited to go to church. I remember my mom dragging me out of bed when … Continued

I’m Writing This Instead of Studying

I’ve been dreading the end-of-spring-semester packing and cleaning since I moved here in August, but suddenly sorting my clothes and … Continued

Bible Meanings Lost in Translation

I wish I knew Greek and not just to keep the fraternities straight. My debate for Intro to New Testament … Continued

Sunday Deliberations

I hope God appreciates the fact I have to ascend a mountain to get to church every Sunday. All right, … Continued

Was God Cheering for the Jayhawks?

So we lost to Kansas. And it wasn’t even really close. We’d made plans for replaying our NCAA tourney victory … Continued