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Rick Warren’s presidential civility forum idea falls through

VINCENT YU AP Pastor Rick Warren. Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren’s plans to convene Barack Obama and Mitt Romney for … Continued

N.Y. Mayor Michael Bloomberg defends Chick-fil-A’s right to oppose gay marriage

J. Scott Applewhite AP Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray. “Hate chicken” is how D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray described Chick-fil-A on … Continued

New poll says religion won’t impact presidential elections in November

FILES AFP/GETTY IMAGES This combination of file images shows presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney(L) and President Barack Obama. Voters want … Continued

Chick-fil-A president reiterates company’s stance against gay marriage

Tim Carman/The Washington Post The Chick-fil-A sandwich comes with a lot of sodium — and a side of marketing pitches. … Continued

Explainer: Scientology’s Sea Organization

Don’t let the nautical name throw you: Most members of the Church of Scientology’s Sea Organization – reserved for the … Continued