Hafsa Arain

Stories by Hafsa Arain

The Death of a Prime Minister

“Benazir is dead.” I look up quietly from my Elle magazine, sitting at Zarqa’s Salon in Karachi, Pakistan, awaiting a … Continued

Goat Heads and Sugar Canes

Sitting on the roof of the farmhouse where my father grew up, about four hours outside of the hustle and … Continued

Lost in Transit

“There is something poetic about being in transit.” A friend said that to me once. If that is true, I … Continued


It is Friday. Thank goodness it’s Friday. Because if it is Friday, then that means nationwide, Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week is … Continued

Bigotry Awareness Week

As I was walking through our Student Center a week ago, I passed by a flier that caught my eye. … Continued

Out of the Broom Closet

Sitting under the gold and white ceiling of Carnegie Hall this past Friday, I felt my jaw drop in surprise. … Continued

Exploring the -isms

I have always been intrigued by the definitions of words. One time, when I was younger, my mother caught me … Continued

Holiday Fever

It is that time of year again. Ramadan begins Thursday. I am once again filled with excitement. Why, one would … Continued

Thoughts Are Free

We wore T-shirts that said “We are all Professor Finkelstein”, chanting together in humid Chicago weather. That morning, we had … Continued

Pre-9/11 Nostalgia

There’s this music in the beginning of that Simon & Garfunkel song, “America”. For some reason, it’s nostalgic and hopeful … Continued

Approaching Another Anniversary

I wonder when I walk down the street, do people see me as an outsider? Do people look at me, … Continued

Speculation on Tradition

The summer between my sophomore and junior year feels like it should be more chaotic than it is. I feel … Continued

Saying Goodbye to Harry

As of today, there are ten days remaining until the seventh and final Harry Potter book releases internationally. Ten days … Continued

Celebrating Beauty

Last night, before the thunderstorm, I sat in Grant Park, mesmerized by the fireworks being shot over Lake Michigan. Amid … Continued

Our Need to Change the World

The rain pours down the streets of Chicago. Falling idly from the gray black clouds, it hits each skyscraper with … Continued

Having Conversations

Today marks a day that I have been looking forward to since December. I will see people I haven’t seen … Continued

Broken Trust

It’s officially the start of summer for DePaul students. After today, the last final of the school year will be … Continued

The Denial of Beliefs

Amid sunshine and the distant screeching of cicadas that have infested the Chicago suburbs, I woke up the morning of … Continued

The American Imam

In my Islamic World Studies class, we learned the reason for so many generalized stereotypes against Islam and Muslims. The … Continued

American Highway an Open Road

There’s something about the Great American Highway. About the hills of Wisconsin, the hills that Illinois land lacks. I love … Continued