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Fasting and Ashes: Another Look

Last year on Ash Wednesday, I recorded a few thoughts about the Holy Day, which, as a non-denominational Protestant, I … Continued

Obama: A Spiritual Symbol

Reading through this week’s On Faith entries, I was amazed to note the exultant tone of many panelists. The fighter … Continued

A Values Voter At Peace With Either Outcome

Election Day is finally here, thank God. And like Halloween and Christmas, it will soon be gone, lasting none the … Continued

Suffering With Others

My roommate is reading about the 1995 Bosnian genocide for her Public Policy class, and it’s echoing a feeling I’ve … Continued

Will My Faith Survive the Facts?

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to meet On Faith Co-Moderator Sally Quinn at a luncheon debate where she was … Continued

Permission Revoked

It’s 90 degrees now in Midtown, and so humid that it’s sometimes difficult to breathe. On days like his, more … Continued

Zoom Out on the City

Perched atop a picnic table on a busy pier by the Verrazano, I wipe perspiration from my face and neck … Continued

Christian or Catholic?

This morning, I rose early to attend a friend’s confirmation in the Catholic church. As in the rare Masses I … Continued

Prince Caspian: Allegations of Allegory

When I go home to Boston to see my family, I look forward to two delights that I just can’t … Continued

Weak and Weary (Yet Again)

Whenever I become disillusioned with God, it’s only a matter of time before I discover the inconvenient reality; that I’m … Continued

The Prosperous Christian

From my crow’s-nest view in the café within the Borders overlooking Madison Square Garden, I sometimes watch the giant screen … Continued

Diner Diaries

It’s 1a.m. in the narrow booth of a chilly diner. Reruns of That ‘70s Show are playing muted in the … Continued

(Be Ye) Perfect?

I’m bothered and can’t put myself at ease. Saturday, as I made my weekly scavenge of the (still closing ) … Continued

Evangelism Isn’t a Sales Pitch

When you go to a seedling Christian liberal arts college planted in the basement of the Empire State Building and … Continued

Time Alone with God

By way of introduction, my name is Hope and I live in midtown Manhattan–at least during the school year. I … Continued