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Amish petition for bail after beard-cutting hate crimes verdict

CLEVELAND — A federal judge has given defense attorneys until Thursday (Sept. 27) to convince him that nine Amish defendants … Continued

16 Amish found guilty of hate crimes in beard-cutting attacks

CLEVELAND — Amish bishop Samuel Mullet was convicted Thursday (Sept. 20) of federal hate crimes and conspiracy for exhorting followers … Continued

Amish bishop describes beard-cutting attack

CLEVELAND — Law officers testified Wednesday (Sept. 5) about the chaotic and bizarre scene they discovered the night of Oct. … Continued

Defense team says ‘compassion’ fueled Amish beard-cutting attacks

CLEVELAND — No one disputes that followers of Amish bishop Samuel Mullet Sr. used horse-mane shears last year to forcibly … Continued

Judge allows questions on sex practices in Amish beard-cutting case

CLEVELAND — Federal prosecutors will be allowed to question witnesses about Amish leader Sam Mullet’s sexual activities when the hate-crime … Continued