Jamie Blaine

Jamie Blaine is author of "Midnight Jesus." His writings have been featured in Salon, The Weeklings, Bass Guitar Magazine, Drummer UK, Relevant, and Ultimate Classic Rock. Jamie was class president in 5th grade. He currently sits just left of center in a quiet, mid-size church.

Stories by Jamie Blaine

A Slightly Merry Crisis Psych Christmas Story

‘Twas the night I had to send a lady into rehab and ring the Salvation Army bell in her place.

7 Things I Learned While Working at a Megachurch

Megachurches are just as busted and fumbling as the rest of us — it’s why I love them.

Is Anyone Still Writing Love on Her Arms?

The “To Write Love on Her Arms” founder talks depression, the church, and his new book.

Prostitutes Will Enter God’s Kingdom Before You

A Q&A with Hookers for Jesus founder, Annie Lobert, on sex work, stigmas, and her Savior.

The Redemption of Shawn Michaels

A Q&A with the WWE Hall of Famer on his rise, fall, return — and new memoir.

Is Donald Miller Becoming a Motivational Speaker?

The “Blue Like Jazz” author on how he lost everything — his money, his health, and his existential crisis.

Glam Metal for God: A Q&A with Stryper Frontman Michael Sweet

In the 1980s, bands like Poison and Mötley Crüe ruled the airwaves — and Stryper ruled right alongside them.

Guess That’s Why We Sing Amazing Grace

A beat-up Cutlass rolls toward the psych ward with two strippers in the front and a roller rink DJ-turned-therapist at the wheel.

“We mean totally different things when we’re talking about love”: An Interview with Jeff Chu

A conversation with the Fast Company editor and author of a travelogue into the heart of American Christians’ views on homosexuality.

Cleaner, Lighter, Closer

What’s a fella got to do to be baptized?

Secret Sex Lives of the Bible Belt

Seven snapshots of sex therapy from a former therapist at a megachurch counseling center in the South.