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Janet Tappin Coelho is a journalist in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Ramadan and the World Cup’s Muslim Athletes

For the first time since 1986, the World Cup has coincided with Ramadan: How will Muslim players’ performances be affected?

As World Cup Looms, Churches in Brazil Fight Child Sex Tourism

After increases in sex crimes against children at previous World Cups, Brazilian churches brace for an intense fight in a country known for sexual abuse.

Brazil’s police take Bible classes to reduce stress

RIO DE JANEIRO — Amid concerns about police brutality, Brazilian military police officers are taking Bible study classes during their … Continued

Brazil tries to combat religious intolerance of minority faiths

RIO DE JANEIRO — The couple practiced Candomble, an African-Brazilian faith with roots in Brazil’s slave trade. They dressed in … Continued

Walking 1,850 miles to see Pope Francis, pilgrim feels renewed

RIO DE JANEIRO — A record-breaking three million Roman Catholics crammed  Copacabana Beach Saturday (July 27) night to hear Pope … Continued