Jason Poling

Rev. Jason Poling is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society, and board member of the Ecumenical Institute of Theology at St. Mary's Seminary & University in Baltimore.

Stories by Jason Poling

In defense of the complementary view of gender

Like every other human institution, religion has managed to do tremendous damage to the human dignity of both men and … Continued

Hope for middle ground

The U.S. House of Representatives voted last week to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides abortions, along with … Continued

Which First comes first?

In light of the continuing political uprising throughout the Middle East, American leaders are reported to be recalculating their approach … Continued

American idolatry?

After Saturday’s tragic shooting in Tucson, Arizona, some have pointed the finger at inflammatory political rhetoric. Many singled out Sarah … Continued

…and let it begin with me

A deal President Obama struck with Republican leaders last week will extend tax cuts across the board including, controversially, to … Continued

He loves us, but not that way

Washington Post political reporter Karen Tumulty wrote Monday about the growing use of the idea of “American exceptionalism” by political … Continued

What is the role of conscience?

Despite public and military support for overturning Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the legislation which bans openly gay service members, political, … Continued

With a grain of salt (and light)

Delaware GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell told the Christian Broadcasting Network last week that that she believes it was God … Continued

Beck has his own theological perversions

In the wake of his weekend rally, Glenn Beck kept up the drumbeat of criticism about President Obama’s religion, calling … Continued

Ask Muslims for help with image problem

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, terrorism analyst Evan Kohlmann said that anti-Muslim rhetoric in America is bad news … Continued

Take terrorists at their word

What should we call terrorists, some of whom claim to be motivated by their religion? Can one be an Islamic … Continued

The moral imperative to win

Q: In the wake of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal’s dismissal as chief commander of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan, … Continued

The heart is deceitful above all things

Q: In a statement Monday, Vice President Biden said the U.S. is consulting with other nations “on new ways to … Continued

Sometimes a mistake is just a mistake

Q: The catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a widening environmental, economic and political crisis. Is it … Continued

Immigration issue uncovers new biblical literalists

Q: Illegal immigrants are flouting U.S. laws, but does affluent America (or Arizona for that matter) have a larger moral … Continued

OMG, they chilled Kenny!

Q: What is the obligation of a Western, democratic government to protect individual freedoms in light of a realistic terrorist … Continued

Maybe not unconstitutional, but pointless

Q: Did the Pentagon do the right thing by disinviting evangelist Franklin Graham from a National Day of Prayer event … Continued

Methinks Jim Wallis doth protest too much

My co-panelist Jim Wallis is shocked–Shocked! to find that using religious language to further a political agenda is going on … Continued

Church and media can do better

Q:A senior Vatican priest last week compared outrage at Pope Benedict’s handling of sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church … Continued

Do we expect the Holy Father to do a perp walk?

Q:Should Pope Benedict XVI be held responsible for the escalating scandals over clerical sexual abuse in Europe? Should he be … Continued