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Why orthodox Christians should appreciate an unorthodox Bono

(Photo by Ricky Carioti/TWP) Recently, I had the chance to interview U2 front man Bono for a Focus on the … Continued

From Boston to Aurora to Sandy Hook, a problem that has a name: sin

People embrace during the candlelight service at Boston’s Arlington Street Church honoring those killed and injured in the Boston Marathon … Continued

Why I thank God for Chuck Colson

By now you’ve probably heard that Chuck Colson, the beloved founder of Prison Fellowship and a very dear personal friend … Continued

Searching for John 3:16?

Charles Krupa AP Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow prays with New England Patriots and Broncos team members following an NFL … Continued

Tim Tebow an underdog for a troubled time

He arrived at a time when the nation was fearful and fighting malaise, hungry for a hero to root for, … Continued

You don’t have to be pro-life to be pro-medical-standards

The U.S. House of Representatives voted last week to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides abortions, along with … Continued

MTV’s technological child abuse

The Miami Herald headline was startling: “MTV’s Every Detail Etched on Children’s Minds” The article’s author, Ellen Livingston, spoke with … Continued

Talking faith with President George W. Bush

It was my honor to interview President George W. Bush for a two-part Focus on the Family broadcast airing today … Continued

Americans afraid marriage is changing

A new survey out this week from the National Marriage Project shows that marriage is an institution in decline in … Continued

Thanks be to Our Gracious God

In October 1789, President George Washington declared his support for a day of “public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed … Continued

Voting an American right, a Christian responsibility

Pope Benedict XVI and Catholic Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke both recently characterized voting as a moral act with spiritual consequences. The … Continued

One father too many

The Obama administration is actively changing the cultural norms of our country. Equally troubling, the nation’s chief executive is doing … Continued

A day of prayer for judicial common sense

The news came as a bit of a shock last week: According to a federal judge in Wisconsin, the National … Continued

Social justice about increasing righteousness in culture

Q:Fox News commentator Glenn Beck claims that faith-based calls for “social justice” are really ideological calls for “forced redistribution of … Continued

No fear, no tears, no pain

Q:What is your vision of heaven? What images – from Scripture, tradition, culture or your personal experience – best describe … Continued

Tebow/Super Bowl ad is pro, not anti

The national media firestorm around our ad that’s going to air during the Super Bowl has been a little surprising … Continued

Ads can’t change real meaning of Christmas

Q: What do you think of the American Humanist Association’s new “Godless Holiday” campaign? The ads will say: “No God? … Continued

People of faith are citizens, too

Q: U.S. Catholic bishops are defending their direct involvement in congressional deliberations over health-care reform, saying that church leaders have … Continued

God fuels the goodness of us all — even unbelievers

Q: Is there good without God? Can people be good without God? How can people be good, in the moral … Continued

God Expects Us to Be Civil to Each Other

We have entered what columnist Kathleen Parker calls “a political era of uninhibited belligerence,” that is finding expression in sermons, … Continued