Kathleen Flake

Stories by Kathleen Flake

Rev. Lowery’s Last-Minute Elbow

In the glory of it all, when so much other history was evoked by this inaugural moment, it was oddly … Continued

Measuring Women’s Power

Does religion empower people, including women? Sometimes. But, as often, it oppresses. As well you could ask if economics or … Continued

Religious Accommodation or Neutrality?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the First Amendment forest from the trees, especially with respect to deciding whether governmental agents … Continued

Fool Me Once

If resignation is what it takes to get the stumbling block that is Trinity United Church of Christ out of … Continued

Little Boxes, Big Promises

What makes a Christian is a popular question these days. As one who is usually counted out, I try to … Continued

Mormons, Free Speech and Right Speech

Obviously, as shown by yet another case of a death sentence for speech considered an insult to the Prophet Muhammad, … Continued

Running with the Dogs

After nearly thirty years of overt pandering to and exploitation of religious fear and sentiment, the Republicans have unleashed the … Continued

No Joke

The common definition of cult is captured in the common joke: my faith is a religion, yours is a sect … Continued

What Part of “No” Don’t You Understand?

What else is there to say to religious extremists besides “no”? No, you are wrong. No, whatever merit there might … Continued

Making Good For, Not From Evil

The question “why do bad things happen to good or even not-so-good people” seems especially if not uniquely well suited … Continued

Faithful to Christ Despite Doubts

It neither makes me think less, nor more of Mother Teresa that she doubted. It does, however, remind me of … Continued

Riding the Pendulum

Pope Benedict’s preference for the Latin Mass is a good way to enter the question of what makes for good … Continued

Skim Milk or Cream?

Few words in religion are as ironic as “pagan” and that’s saying a lot. Stung by Jewish accusations that they … Continued

Bound for Glory

I can answer a very qualified yes to the first question; so qualified that some may think it’s a no. … Continued