Lacy Cooke

Lacy Cooke is a writer, tea drinker, and cat lover. She is a California native recently transplanted to Connecticut, where she writes with the support of her husband and kitten, Hobbes.

Stories by Lacy Cooke

Prayerward Facing Dog

How yoga can teach us to pray with our bodies.

Hey Religious Leaders, Maybe Twitter Isn’t a Great Place to Pontificate

For many thought leaders, Twitter is not a good look.

How to Break the Internet (with Love)

Even on YouTube, light can shine through darkness.

Huge, Colorful, Tangible Objects of Devotion

Religious festivals like this week’s Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen illustrate the physical side of faith.

Why Are We Losing Our Religion? Because Internet

One study suggests that 25 percent of the decline in religious affiliation since 1990 is linked to increased Internet use.

Churches Are the Front Lines in the Battle for Mental Health

Studies show that people struggling with mental health issues often turn to pastors first. Too often, they receive only prayer and bad advice.

The Power of Praying with Your Personality

How to use your Enneagram personality type to seek divine presence.

Should the Therapist’s Couch Be an Altar?

Why the role religion plays in mental health is up to the patient, not the doctor.

How Sigmund Freud Got Religion

The founder of psychoanalysis is known for his atheism, but his views on religion aren’t so simple.        

Is Prayer the Best Medicine for Mental Illness?

When an arm is broken, we don’t just pray for it — we fix it. Why we should treat the brain the same way.

Religious Diversity: A “Holy Experiment” in Colonial America

The early colonists realized if they wanted to freely practice their beliefs, they had to allow their neighbors the same right.

Who You’ll Be Watching Fireworks with this Fourth of July

Throw a popper at your July 4th gathering and you’ll likely hit a believer — depending on where you live.