Laura Turner

Laura Turner is a writer and editor living in San Francisco. She is an MFA candidate at Seattle Pacific University and a regular contributor to Religion News Service and Christianity Today's “Her.meneutics” blog.

Stories by Laura Turner

Ask Laura: Cross-cultural dress and prayers for atheists

This week, Laura talks cultural appreciation and how atheists can respond to someone praying for them.

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Does using a housecleaner make me a bad feminist?

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A potential convert faces telling her family about the decision.

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This week, Laura advises a pregnant woman in pursuit of a job and a religion writer in search of money.

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This week, Laura tackles what to do about annoying — and persistent — neighbors, and offers some dating advice.

Ask Laura: Follow my passion where, exactly?

The 9-5 life can be a grind. But do you know what else can be a grind? Everything.

Ask Laura: Finding your soulmate | Bi-racial rudeness

This week, Laura tackles reader letters on finding The One and answering rude questions about your adopted kid.

Ask Laura: Regret Hangovers and Selfish Church Attendance
The Power of Powder Puff

I played football because I wanted to be tough. But the gridiron gave me more than bruises.