Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller is a contributing editor at New York Magazine.

Stories by Lisa Miller

Is doubt good?

During Shabbat services at my temple last weekend, in an effort to get the kids excited for Passover, the prayer … Continued

Bobby Rush hoodie protest and the challenge of the civil rights movement in 21st century America

At first, the nationwide ‘‘hoodie’’ protest over Trayvon Martin’s death — in which Americans donned sweatshirts in solidarity with the … Continued

Rick Santorum, the cherry-picking Catholic

He has seven children, attends a Latin Mass and has driven issues of reproductive rights back into the center of … Continued

The Rick Santorum time machine

It’s impossible for some of us to understand why and how former senator Rick Santorum, who has zero qualifications to … Continued

Churches and politicians, take note: Disrespect women, and they will leave.

The battle of the sexes, waged this election season with fulsome fury in the public space, is being fought in … Continued

Romney, Santorum and archaic ideas on fertility

Between them, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have as many children — 12 — as there were tribes of Israel. … Continued

The religion and politics of division

Last week, the Christianity police, in the persons of Rick Santorum and Franklin Graham, came forward to discredit the president’s … Continued

How Obama should fight the ‘war on religion’

A very wise Trappist monk once told me that unless everyone gets to heaven, no one will. It’s this sense … Continued

In the contraception furor, the loud voices of a few threaten revolutionary gains of all U.S. women

The Obama administration may have wriggled out of a tight spot when it announced it would require insurers – and … Continued

Rethinking the soul as the ’Net becomes more lifelike

Does the Internet have a soul? The question occurred to me as I spent an hour browsing the Web, and … Continued

The generosity of the faithful

Does religion make people nice? Mitt Romney’s tax returns prompt this question. According to those documents, which he released recently, … Continued

Personal tragedy becomes political pawn

Haunting the political landscape is the ghost (or soul or spirit or memory or image, depending on how you see … Continued

Who owns yoga?

The video, three minutes long and posted just a week ago, is tearing up the Internet, causing appreciative reactions among … Continued

The new evangelical vote

White evangelical voters just aren’t as predictable as they used to be. That’s the news out of Iowa – and … Continued

Finding meaning beyond the Christmas bows, bells and baby Jesus

One year, I tried to skip Christmas. I was 30 and single. I lived alone. My family of origin doesn’t … Continued

How to be Jewish at Christmas

I think of the Jews of the Beit Alpha synagogue as I sit here in my New York City apartment, … Continued

Rev. Mariann Budde reaching out for a more vital Episcopal Church

Is the Right Rev. Mariann Budde the woman to save the Episcopal Church? On meeting her, you’d hope so. Bright-eyed, … Continued

True penance requires real work

I once watched an apology rebuffed. A young child said something hurtful to a grown-up dinner guest. After prompting from … Continued

Seeking justice for ‘the least of these’

As the American left continues to seek a coherent way to articulate its moral priorities in these days of political … Continued

What the devil?

Satan made an appearance on “Saturday Night Live” last week, all duded up in his red tie and cape, to … Continued