Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller is a contributing editor at New York Magazine.

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Evangelicals talk marriage and hot sex

Last week, Rick Warren sent this message to the nearly 500,000 people who follow him on Twitter: “Husbands & wives … Continued

A feminine face for the antiabortion movement

When I spoke to one of the nation’s most prominent antiabortion activists this week, she was in the car, rushing … Continued

Justice Scalia speaks for himself on death penalty, not the Catholic Church

Lisa Miller That Justice Antonin Scalia believes in execution as a moral form of punishment is a well-known fact. That … Continued

Jesus at Occupy Wall Street: ‘I feel like I’ve been here before’

“What would Jesus think of Occupy Wall Street?” I asked myself this week as I wandered the makeshift, blue-tarp village … Continued

Loving Judaism but questioning Israel

If politics are personal, then let me say this. I love almost everything about the Judaism I practice: Born into … Continued

In GOP race, public prayers seem more political than personal

Among the Republican candidates running for president in 2012, there’s been a whole lot of praying in public. Months before … Continued

Separation of church and state in marriage?

It isn’t exactly a movement — more of a blogosphere hubbub. In solidarity with his gay and lesbian brothers and … Continued

‘Dominionism’ beliefs among conservative Christians overblown

Here we go again. The Republican primaries are six months away, and already news stories are raising fears on the … Continued

Believers wonder: Where is the old Obama?

“We worship an awesome God in the blue states!” That was Barack Obama in 2004, not yet a U.S. senator, … Continued

Christians on both sides of budget battle claim to fight for the poor

After this week’s debt-ceiling deal in Congress, trillions of dollars of spending cuts are on the table. New cuts will … Continued

Evangelical women rise as new ‘feminists’

In evangelical Christian circles, “feminist” has traditionally been a dirty word. The three short syllables have done heavy work, telegraphing … Continued

Sister Sarah

Traditional feminists are outraged by Sarah Palin’s claims to feminism, which I discuss in a Newsweek article this week called … Continued

A Volcanic Eruption of Biblical Proportions

What a volcano in Iceland teaches us about heaven.

The radical hope of heaven

(An excerpt from my new book “Heaven: Our Enduring Fascination with the Afterlife“. Copyright © 2010. Reprinted by permission of … Continued

When bishops play politics

They see themselves as crusaders for human rights–protectors of the innocent, the voiceless, and the powerless. After years of enduring … Continued

Why God hates Haiti

Haiti is surely a Job among nations. It is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere: half its population lives … Continued

Evangelizing is what evangelical Christians do

I’m not at all sure why the liberal left is always so shocked that evangelical Christians want other people to … Continued

Faith in love

I grew up in a secular Jewish home in New Haven, Conn., among WASPs and WASP wannabes. Our unique family … Continued

The Radical Left vs. The President

Last week, as President Obama was announcing his pick for surgeon general–a Roman Catholic African-American and MacArthur “genius” award winner … Continued

A Woman’s Right to Choose Her Clothing

President Obama recently criticized a French law that prohibits Muslim girls and women from wearing body- and face-covering garments in … Continued